am I feeling Shoreditch…?

Had to go to a little outlet named Moo to collect some stationery. They just so happen to be situated in Shoreditch.

Now everyone, and I mean everyone, have been banging on about this Shoreditch, Hoxton, Hackney, specific part of East London vibe, yet I’ve never felt it, and today was no exception.

No offence guys, but to me, it just seems as though everyone’s trying desperately hard to ‘fit in’ and be ‘cool’, have some kind of vibe around them. I don’t get it. What’s with this vibe? I’m so not feeling it, but feel that I’m supposed to because everyone else is…weird.

The place was full of beautiful people, doing beautiful things, and having beautiful conversations with each other, while at the same time looking around to see who else was watching their beautiful interaction with each other. I felt like a leper, for real.

I’m a South East London chick, through and through. Always lived in the Dirty South, with only having a mental brain lapse for around 2-years when I was in ‘loooove’ with some North London Stonebridge guy, and moved to Harlesden, Burnt Oak, and then Queens Park with him. However, at least then those places didn’t come off half as fake as what I witnessed today.

Why does everyone want to live and work around there? Please tell me as I really would love to know. Is there some kind of vibe which I don’t know about, because obviously I surely must have shit in my eyes for not seeing the beauty of it all.

Last Christmas I booked our teams xmas party in… Shoreditch! Well, apparently it’s the place to be for night life, right? Went to Queen of Hoxton and I have to say it was a fantastic choice of venue, and we all had an absolute blast up in the rooftop – WigWamBam – and for those who stayed on after midnight, in our exclusive area in the club. It was an epic night, however, what’s with this vibe, man? I mean, seriously? Some idiot Shoreditch young thing, who was built and looked like an elephant decides to cramp in our territory with her stupid self, thinking that’s it’s OK to rammage around our personal belongings. I mean, who gave this idiot the licence to think that it’s OK to do such a thing, with people she doesn’t even know? Well, this all stopped once I intervened, we had a serious stand-off and believe me I was so close to giving this jumbo lard a KTFO to the floor, before a male colleague came in-between us. What’s with that? I think that because some people may live, work or socialise in a certain area, they seem to think that it’s OK to act all stupid in your face for no reason. Not on my watch, sweetheart…

So, after all of that… am I feeling Shoreditch or this ‘vibe’ for that part of London? No.
Give me a South London postcode any day of the week. What you will find is real, genuine and gritty people who don’t need a vibe around them – they are the frigging vibe!

Just had to get all of that off my chest.


btw: Moo is the best thing in Shoreditch. That little store rocks like nobody’s business. Lovin’ it so much!

Oh, and I’m not a violent person in any way. I just like protecting my territory, and that night, my peeps were my territory at that venue, right to the bitter end :)

The organisers @ 2am. QofH was just amazing – thank you:-

am I feeling Shoreditch…?

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