exhibiting PIMPs @ Natural Hair Week…

Well, I’ve just come back from the Natural Hair Week exhibition in London yesterday. What an event!

A 5:00am start, Annabel and I got there just after 8:00. It was held at the Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch and this annual event is organised by Vinna Best and Diane Hall.

The event was fantastic – far more amazing than what I was expecting. I had a great time at 2InSpire Ladies day in June, however this was on another level!

The interest in Party In My Pants (PIMPs) was overwhelming. It was such fun speaking to fantastic people who wanted to know more about the brand…even if a few ladies wanted to do a ‘water test’ with Annabel and spoilt the table-cloth/soaked a pad! Hahaha – blood IS thicker than water, and tests like that don’t work! It was funny though :)


Met and made some amazing people. Was such a long day, however the time just flew past. We had such a hoot.

Love being an exhibit – the questions I got asked and also the things I’ve learnt have been so inspiring and exciting! Roll on the next big thing…



exhibiting PIMPs @ Natural Hair Week…

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