Are you still getting that itchy, annoying and unwanted guest knocking at your door each month? You know, the one that makes you feel so uncomfortable, miserable and darn-right peeved for no apparent reason, you just want to lock yourself away from the world until that ‘big bad wolf’ departs onto its next victim? Oh yeah, I know exactly how you feel, until I discovered the wonders of switching to cloth menstrual pads, and particularly the amazing Party In My Pants range. Smart women from around the world are starting a revolution and are ditching those disposable pads & tampons, and making way for the comfortable, reliable and funky pads that are fondly known as PIMPs.

Want to start loving your period?

Party In My Pants (or PIMPs for short) are one of the many reusable cloth pads brands which are creating waves around the world by highlighting the benefits of switching from conventional disposable products to reusable ones. PIMPs is run by 2 sisters – Luci & Lydia Daum – based in the small town of Ashland, Wisconsin in the USA. Their vision is to make women love their periods by using products which are good for your health and kind to the environment too. Every pad is beautifully hand-made with love, and they have created a range which can only be described as the most funkiest, wackiest, thinnest and ‘ooh so sexy’ pads I’ve ever seen on the market – you just can’t help but love them. I decided to sell Party In My Pants as I believe that the more women get to know the benefits of using alternative menstrual products, the better we’ll feel about ourselves when it comes down to our periods. I’m not one for keeping quiet when I find something which excites me – and this is a product which sure does. Having tried countless other brands, while they are very good, there’s just something about the PIMP range which just, in my opinion, excels everything else – and it also helps that the prints are so darn cute, they’ll leave you with a smile on your face. Check out the videos below which will give you an idea of how these reusable pads work, courtesy of parent owners Party In My Pants USA:- Party In My Pants Promo Party In My Pants Sizes

Click directly onto my FAQ section above which will give you all the information you’ll need with regards to reusable pads, and also help in finding the right PIMP liner/pad for you. Want to visit the shop? click here And if you’re wondering how you’re going to carry these little delights around with you when you’re out and about, there’s always the awesome single-zipped PIMPs & convenient double-sided zipped SMJAE wet bags which makes carrying PIMPs around a complete breeze!

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