respect old people, they graduated without Google & Wikipedia…

Everyone needs passion in their lives – whatever your age. Mine varies from my love of slapstick comic geniuses, to the love of the mac computer…meeting like-minded inspiring individuals to the love of music…and MJ in particular. I’m in love with sports stars and artists who have passion in what they do. There’s no denying that Diego Maradona has passion for his sport – football. And that passion has been passed onto Lionel Messi, who is undoubtedly the most talented football player of his generation. Michael Jackson had sincere passion in his field – you could tell through his energetic manner while performing live on stage. The stage was his world. You have the Picasso’s and Van Gaughs of this world who have that sense of passion about them. And I totally love Nigel Kennedy, the eccentric violinist who always tells a story when he performs. There’s countless of them who have found their passion, and have run with it.

It can be so strong, you can get aggressive about it, because it hurts so much when you love something so much – at least that’s how it is with me. That feeling of excitement and a will to just ‘get it out there’, and you don’t care who thinks you’re weird for doing it. In fact, you want to share your passion to everyone and anyone who wants to listen.

A few weeks ago I was reminded that having a passion in your life is a beautiful gift, in which you should hold onto for as long as possible. I know a guy named Peter who is 84 years old and is passionate about his stamp. He’s been collecting them since he was a boy after the 2nd world war. I remember his passion when I was younger and he showed me his collection of amazing and varied stamps from different parts of the world, and it astounded me then like it still astounded me 2 weeks ago.

I hadn’t seen him for a long time, maybe 4 years or so, and even before that I hadn’t seen him for at least 10, yet the glisten in his eyes when they lit up, as we talked about his collection was a sight to see. He hasn’t been well, and unfortunately is a victim of the cancer virus, yet his passion for these tiny little things is astounding. We chatted for what seemed like a whole day about his collection, and the stamp collectors club he goes to, where he meets fellow stamp collectors who are just as passionate as he is. His collection ranges from the UK to Nigeria…Europe to his biggest and proudest collections : West Germany, East Germany & Berlin. It gave him great joy speaking about it, and left me totally tingling in delight that I saw him smiling, laughing and literally singing about this collection with such vigour. It was beautiful to witness.

I told him that it was so cool to be passionate about something that you love, and how I could see that it made him happy, and his reply was “I wish my wife saw it the way you do – she’s always moaning at me about my stamp collection”. WTF! If you have a passion about anything then keep it, delve into it, embrace it – and don’t let any twat tell you otherwise. It’s beautiful having a passion. It keeps you going, keeps you alive.

Go find your passion guys, and take total control of it. It’s your life, so don’t let anyone dictate it but you. Take a leaf from the senior citizens of this world. They didn’t grow up with computers, and the vast amount of knowledge at their fingertips like most have now. They had to look, learn and work hard for what they wanted. There was no ‘easy street’ where they came from. They learnt their craft, their passion, and stuck to it, without a squeal of emotion. They appreciated every moment of it also.

And remember, they graduated without the likes of Google & Wikipedia, so that gives them pure respect in my book.


respect old people, they graduated without Google & Wikipedia…

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